Brownsville Windows


Brownsville Windows” are photographs of shop windows in downtown Brownsville, Texas, an area connected to one of the area’s border crossings. I was interested in the strategies at play in the arrangements of the objects in the windows, as well as the ways that the objects themselves suggest cultural messages and affiliations. From advertising homecoming mums to statues of La Santa Muerte, the items of the shop windows entice and define a uniquely border-centric consumer base. The photos also explore intersections of languages in the shop windows‘ accompanying labels and signs, which span letters, numbers, English, Spanish, and abbreviations that require a special viewership to decipher. An additional layer added in the reflections of surfaces of glass that outline the many palms lining the streets of the historic downtown, reflecting the subtropical botanical life that once characterized the region.

Photos taken in October 2014. Installed as a digital slideshow at the “A Tension” exhibition at Axelrad on November, 22, 2014 in Houston, Texas.

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